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    18401 Collins Avenue
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About Bentley Residences

Dezer Development, the premier real estate developer in South Florida, is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with Bentley Motors to develop the first Bentley-branded luxury residential tower in the world: Bentley Residences.

Designed by the world-renowned architectural firm Sieger Suarez Architects - known for their work on Dezer Development’s Porsche Design Tower and Residences by Armani/Casa - Bentley Residences will contain 200-plus luxury apartments built for residents who expect the very best in design and quality. Standing at 749 feet and over 60 stories high, the property will be the tallest residential tower on a U.S. beachfront.

The Bentley design team has collaborated with Dezer on the exterior and interior of the building, translating Bentley’s luxury design to the residential experience. Each residence will include an in-unit multi-car garage, allowing for cars to be securely stored alongside the apartment – the ultimate statement in exclusivity and privacy. The patented car elevator is a prominent and luxurious feature for any car enthusiast.

Homes in the Bentley Residences will feature a private balcony, pool, sauna and outdoor shower. Other amenities will include a gym, pool, spa, cinema, whisky bar, restaurant and lounge, cabanas and beautifully landscaped communal gardens.

The innovative design of the Bentley Residences will offer unique ocean and bayside views, thanks to the building’s cylindrical form and floor-to-ceiling windows. The tower will be designed to inspire new ways to embrace space and connect to the stunning surrounding environment.

Adrian Hallmark, CEO of Bentley Motors says, “The modern and progressive brand identity of Bentley Residences is at work in both the tower’s interior and exterior spaces, rooted in authenticity, sustainability and innovation. We’ve partnered with Dezer to create a living experience that expresses the very philosophy of the Bentley brand and stays true to our vision of inspiring extraordinary journeys.”

“Partnering with Bentley Motors, a global luxury brand, and being able to create another first in the Miami marketplace is an extraordinary opportunity,” added Gil Dezer, President of Dezer Development. “We’ve been instrumental in changing the face and value of the South Florida real estate industry through the introduction of brand partnerships. With Bentley Motors, we will create something inspiring, powerful and iconic – a true game-changer when it comes to luxury living.”

The development is keenly focused on luxury living in a sustainable environment. We are designing in accordance with the Florida Green Building Council (FLGC) certification and other environmental regulations to protect the local environment and minimize the impact of the development on local wildlife. Further, we are using environmentally-safe building materials, reducing coastal lighting to protect endangered sea turtles, and are designing and engineering the building to reduce energy consumption.

Bentley Residences is scheduled for completion in 2026. Construction is estimated to begin in early 2023.

  • Where exactly is this new building going to be? Would be located on the beach side of 184th street in Sunny Isles.
  • Reservation: is a process were we give access to our closest network of clients the opportunity to access our first pricing list. It is an intention agreement, you will declare your intention to buy by signing it and giving a good faith deposit and we will separate a specific residence for you with the intention to sell it.
  • Contract: is the stage where we convert the reservation (intention to buy) into a legally binding contract. At this moment we will send you all the legally binding documents as: Purchase Agreement, Condominium Documents, Floor plans, Residence features and renderings.
  • Deposits: all deposits are kept in the development escrow account. We usually use First American Title, so you can research it, but it can change. Every time you send money to such escrow account, you will get a notification from our Contract Department with an Escrow Receipt.
  • Can I back out? You can back out at any time with no penalty during the reservation stage and during the rescission period which is 15 days after signing the contract (this as per florida law). If you manifest in a written manner your wish to cancel the reservation or contract, all deposits given will be returned to the account where the deposits were sent from.After the 16th day of signing the contract with not formal written cancellation, you are legally obligated, all deposits given from your part will be lost if you persist with the cancellation, Prices, Premium Residences, and Availability: The prices are going to be between 4 to 7 millions. The building will have and oval shape, and the residences will be 4 per floor.

Prime units will be:

  • Those facing the ocean
  • NE corner from floors 56th and up, as won’t have any neighbor building obstructing 270 degrees view.
  • 22nd floor, +/- 5 floors. These units will be the ones with the biggest terraces, about 20 feet deep.
  • Is it right next to another high rise that would block its views?

As any other growing city, neighbor buildings are inevitable. Bentley will
have in the North side a 56 stories building, in the south side there are not
high-rises yet nor planned so far. Anyways, the interiors of the building
have been planned with this architectural challenge in mind. Therefore all
the rooms in the apartments will be in diagonal towards the ocean, allowing
a maximum open view angle.

  • For example the new Turnberry blocks the views of the Porsche building.

Have you been inside the Porsche building? If not, let me explain you:
Porsche is a circular estructure which leads to think to the observer that the
view is blocked. However if the building were to be squared, then people
would say that the front is unobstructed but the rooms have partial views. It
is matter of interpretation. I’ll be more than happy to take you to Porsche to
see the view and the impact of the neighbor building.

  • From the photo it looks like the view will not be compromised and there are no buildings next to the Bentley. There is a neighbor building in the North side. There are not buildings in the south side.
  • When can I see a scale model or a finished prototype of how the building will be delivered?

We are right now demolishing our previous sales center for the building we
just sold-out: Residences by Armani/Casa. The new sales center for
Bentley is been built right now. It is very likely the sales gallery will be open by November 2021, you will have the opportunity to see finishes, floor plans and a scale model.
By January 2022, the whole sales center will be finished with an apartment
model, where you will be able to appreciate every single detail of the
residence in question.

  • Please could you provide approximate closing estimate time, etc…

Closing date will be at moment of delivery: 2026.
Closing estimates and other values will be known after we go into

As a reference:

  • All the latest buildings in Sunny Isles Beach had a maintenance between $0.80/sf to $1.20/sf
  • Closing Costs usually in a residences purchased from a developer in Florida will include (among others stablished per developer):
  • Purchase Price x 1.75%: This will cover everything has to do with the title, lawyers, and other paperwork.
  • HOA Reserves: Monthly Maintenance x 2. This is part of the contribution to the initial reserves for the Home Owners Association.
  • Others: Defined as per developer criteria.
  • What would be the Maintenance (HOA)

It has not been defined. At contracts we will have this information.
As a reference: All the latest buildings in Sunny Isles Beach had a
maintenance between $0.80/sf to $1.20/sf

  • What would be the deposits structure?

We will require a 50% deposits prior delivery in 2026, when you can give
the other 50% in a form of mortgage. From Reservation to Delivery, usually we program it in stages of 10% deposits:

10% Reservation
10% Contract
10% Groundbreaking
10% Additional
10% Top Off
50% Delivery

  • I’am interested in two bedrooms.

We won’t have 2 bedrooms in the building.

  • Would very much like a terrace pool

Every residence will have a terrace with a pool.

  • Only 4 residences per floor. One hundred percent separate from each other, with no corridors among them.
  • Consider this residences as a house as they average 6,000 sf of luxury living, when you count all the elements that bring to the resident:

o Average of 1,500sf of terraces
o Private pool in the terraces.
o Sauna in the master bedroom.
o Outdoor shower in the master bedroom.
o Storage unit in the residence, same floor.
o 3 to 4 parking garage in the residence, same floor.
o 3 bedrooms with private bathroom each.

  • Bentley Residences will be the perfect match for those looking for luxury house living without the worries and hassle of a house.
  • The residences will benefit from the privacy and convenience of stepping our your car straight to your home door, without passing by valet parking, lobbies and elevators.
  • Tan solo 4 residencias por piso, completamente separadas una de la otra sin corredores que le conecten. Esto ofrece mayor privacidad y separación para ruidos.
  • Considere cada residencia como una casa con un total de área de aproximadamente 6,000 sf (unos 550 m2) donde puede disfrutar de:
  • Un balcón (tal como la terraza o patio de una casa) de aproximadamente entre unos 1500 sf a 2000 sf (150 m2 a 200 m2)
  • BBQ en cada balcón
  • Piscina en cada balcón.
  • Sauna en la alcoba principal
  • Balcón privado en la alcoba principal, aparte del principal antes mencionado,
  • Bodega en el mismo departamento.
  • 3 o 4 estacionamientos en el mismo piso del departamento.
  • 3 alcobas con su propio baño y vestidor.
  • Bentley Residences es la perfecta opción para aquellas que están buscando una casa pero no quieren tener los inconvenientes y tiempo del mantenimiento de la misma.
  • Imagínese llegar directo a la puerta de su departamento sin tener que pasar por los inconvenientes del Valet Parking!. Llegar directo a su residencia en su propio auto sin necesidad de cargar y descargar las compras, los bebés y pasar por el lobby para luego tomar elevadores. Esa es la comodidad que ofrece Bentley Residences ! tal como en una casa.

18401 Collins Avenue. Sunny Isles Beach, Fl 33160 Tamaño del lote:


Constructor: Dezer Development

Arquitecto: Sieger Suarez Architects

Altura: 745-pies torre en forma de elipse.

Pisos: 62 pisos

Residencias: 216 condos, 4 residencias por piso.

Estacionamiento: 4 estacionamientos en el mismo piso para las residencias ubicadas en el Este y 3 para las del Oeste Valet Parking para los invitados.

Amenidades: Gimnasio, Piscina, Spa, Teatro, Bar, Restaurante, Lounge, Cabanas y bellos jardines.

Fachada: Completamente cubierta en espejos en forma de triangulo para dar la forma de diamantes en movimiento.

Construcción Se espera comenzar construcción en el 2023 completar en el 2026

Características de las Residencias:

"The units would range from 3,500 to 9,000 square feet"

"Outdoor kitchens and
outdoor showers on the balconies"

Each condo will include in-unit, 3 and 4 car garages that will access the car elevator.

Other Features:
"Each unit will also have an
indoor sauna", plus
storage space inside the unit.

Sales Center:
Being built right now. 18325 Collins Ave. Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160.

"Dezer wants to reach 50% pre-sold before breaking ground”

Deposit Structure:
"The developer will request 50% deposits, paid in stages of 10%"

"In an interview with the Business Journal, Dezer said the condos would probably be priced between $4 million and $7 million"

units will be facing east.

  • Sizes "The units would range from 3,500 to 9,000 square feet"
  • Balconies: "Outdoor kitchens and outdoor showers on the balconies"
  • Parking: Each condo will include in-unit, 3 and 4 car garages that will access the car elevator.
  • Other Features: "Each unit will also have an indoor sauna", plus storage space inside the unit.

Bentley Residences condo information

  • Address:
    18401 Collins Avenue
  • Developer:
    Dezer Development’s
  • Architect:
    Sieger Suarez Architects
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Floors: 62
  • Total Units: 216
  • Status:
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